What is Classical Education?

Key Characteristics and Components of Classical Teaching:

  • A school that uses technology effectively but without diminishing the faculty leadership that is crucial to academic achievement.

  • The centrality of the Western tradition in the study of history, literature, and philosophy.A rich and recurring examination of the American literary, moral, philosophical, political, and historical traditions.

  • The use of explicit phonics instruction for the teaching of reading.

  • The teaching of Latin.

  • The acknowledgement of objective standards of correctness, logic, beauty, weightiness, and truth intrinsic to the liberal arts.

  • The school culture demanding moral virtue, decorum, respect, discipline, and studiousness among the students and faculty.

  • A curriculum that is content-rich.

  • A faculty where well-educated and articulate teachers explicitly convey real knowledge to students using traditional teaching methods rather than using so-called ‘student-based learning’.

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